These are old pages that I need to go through and categorize. They were sitting there, like jumbled disorganized links on the main page, and at least they're out of sight.

Ahem! I am going through these! -Steve :) 3/13/14

Music Meltdown
Fourmile Area

Colorado Springs Hikes, Old Boots

Alpine Tunnel Trail, Johnson Village Mayor

The Crags Hike
Bike Ride Sponsored
Weed Whacker,
San Diego Squatter, 2007 Drama Queen Day, Foofy Cafe Drink,
2007 Colorado Guy Festival,
Fired Before Christmas, White Christmas
Independence Pass,
Bike Adventure, Arkansas River Web Cam, 2006 Colorado Guy Festival,
Saguache County, Independence Ghost Town, Messy Kitchen, Cake In Trunk
Independence Pass 2006
Colorado Guy Festival Barbeque, Yankees Shirt

Chalk Creek Canyon, Wine Glasses
, Cottonwood Lake, Cabin Awe, Mid-Life Crisis,
Candy House, Musical Instruments,
Garden of the Gods
Snowshoeing, 14 Pounds of Garbage,
Bike Near Cottonwood Pass, Bonfire Pictures,
Barbeque In Ouray
Celebration: 50 Dunkin Donuts Visits, Drama Queen Day
2007 Fireworks, Hair Consultant Josh, Kansas Turnpike
Ripped Jeans
White Elephant Gift

church tweet, aggravation game