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Tower Arch In Arches National Park

Now This Is Utah Desert Scenery At Its Best ...
Tower Arch is a spectacular site in Arches National Park that is off the beaten path. It is accessed from Salt Valley Road, which leads to the trailhead at Klondike Bluffs. A 1.7 mile trail (one way) provides a variety in scenery to reach the arch. The arch can also be accessed via the 4WD Tower Arch Road.
Tower Arch, Utah
The beautifully sculpted Tower Arch.

Photos and commentary by Steve Garufi in Fruita, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

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Salt Valley, Utah


November 24, 2012 - The Tower Arch Trail begins with a short but steep ascent. Here's a photo as I looked back at the parking area and the Salt Valley.

The desert is uncluttered and peacefully void. Sometimes less is better, isn't it? :)

Tower Arch Trail My hike continued toward the Marching Men area.

The rock structure to the north, comprising of the Klondike Bluffs was striking.

Oh yes, there is no doubt ...
Heaven is a hot, blazing desert!

Tower Arch Trail Utah The trail leads toward the grouping of rocks, the site of Tower Arch.
Tower Arch Trail, UT For about 0.5 miles (perhaps more), the trail becomes as soft as beach sand ... and everything is orange.
Tower Arch, Utah

Tower Arch In Arches National Park

Tower Arch

By the way, hiking Tower Arch is a great option to get away from the crowds and the more common tourist sites in the park. When I arrived at Tower Arch, I was the only person there. I got to enjoy it in solitude for about five minutes before the next hiking party arrived. :)

TOP: Approaching Tower Arch from the trail.

SECOND: Facing the arch squarely. I don't think my photo shows how large this is; you need to see it in person for yourself!

Tower Arch, UT


TOP: I hiked under the arch and got behind it to enjoy this view. So pretty! If you look at images of Arches National Park from professional photographers, I betcha you will see one from this vantage point.

Although I'm happy with the quality of my photos, I'll admit that they don't do justice to Tower Arch. I encourage you to watch my videos at the bottom of the page. Maybe that will help.

SECOND: Me included. I hiked to Ring Arch yesterday and Tower Arch today, both excellent outings. It's been a great weekend visit to Moab.

Looking directly up at the arch.
The actual tower that rises behind the arch.

Orange Rock In Utah

Utah Scenery

The orange rock scenery abounds.

I turned roughly 120 to 180 degrees (my back to the Tower Arch) for both of these photos.

Klondike Bluffs and Marching Men.

Like beach sand.

Tower Arch.

Hard to show how amazing this place is.

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