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Hike To Ring Arch - Arches National Park

A hike to a lesser-known arch in Utah's Arches National Park ...
Ring Arch, located near the Courthouse Towers section, is not marked on the map and brochure given to visitors at the entrance gate. Also, there is no marked trail nor a sign on the roadway that points to it. Perhaps Ring Arch is not as spectacular as Landscape Arch, Delicate Arch or the arches in the Windows Section, but my outing was a special experience. I encountered no one on my hike. It was so quiet. The peace and solitude make Ring Arch a winner if you want to get away from the crowds. On this page are my hike photos from November 2012.

Directions: From the main entrance, pass the Three Gossips, Sheep Rock and the Tower of Babel. Then park on the right in a pull out area. (If you drive over the Courthouse Wash bridge, you have gone too far.) Hike west in the Courthouse Wash area for one mile to reach the arch. The National Geographic Trails Illustration Map #211 for Arches National Park marks Ring Arch.

Ring Arch, Utah
My photo of Ring Arch from the main road. You will see it once you know where to look.

Ring Arch In Arches National Park
At the base of Ring Arch.

Photos and write-up by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Utah Desert


November 23, 2012 - There was not a cloud in the sky, and the weather was in the 60s ... perfect for a hike.

Adjacent are two photos of the red rock scenery as I hiked west from the road. Remember, there is no trail, but it is not that difficult to find your way. It can be tricky at times to navigate through the wash area and thick sections of desert sagebrush, but that just adds to challenge of finding Ring Arch!

Ring Arch, UT Coming closer to Ring Arch.
Ring Arch, Utah

Ring Arch

Ring Arch

This was a special hike. One I won't forget for a long time.

Ever since my first visit to Arches National Park in 1994, this area has always tugged at my heart.

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  • Utah Scenery The view of the Utah desert with my back to Ring Arch. My car was parked past the break in rocks on the right.


    Happy hiking, my friends. :)

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