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Double O Arch In Arches National Park, Utah

Two arches for the price of one ... :)
On Thanksgiving weekend, I hiked to Double O Arch from the Devils Garden Trailhead in Arches National Park. Approximately two miles (one way), the first mile is on a well-marked an easy walking trail. Past Landscape Arch, the route offers challenges as the trail climbs fins that require agility, some scrambling and tolerance to exposure. It is not ideal for those with acrophobia (fear of heights) and the first fin usually scares away the casual and unprepared tourist.

Double O Arch is located in a less-visited section that provides a glimpse into the wild and stunning beauty of Arches National Park.
Double O Arch, Utah
The grand view of Double O Arch, a large hole above and a smaller one.

Photos and videos by Steve Garufi in Fruita, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Landscape Arch, Utah

Trail Photos

November 25, 2012 - My photo gallery begins with the spectacular Landscape Arch. This is the biggest draw of the Devils Garden in Arches National Park.

A video I made that morning ...
Double O Arch Trail The trail continues upward past the now-crumbled Wall Arch.

You can see the hikers ahead of me who ascended the fin.

Double O Arch Trail The trail turns onto a long fin. While the fin is wide enough to not have much trouble -- you won't fall unless you're drunk or foolish -- this section tested my nerves. I dare say those with a strong fear of heights may have difficulty with it.
Devils Garden, Utah

Double O Arch Trail, Utah

Two photos from the fin.

The views of the Devils Garden, the desert and the Books Cliffs afar are breathtaking!

Double O Arch, Utah

Double O Arch

The first glimpse of Double O Arch after the trail descends another fin.
Double O Arch, Utah Double O Arch You can easily hike to the arch's base, as I did. I found it tough to get a good photo of Double O Arch that included both holes, as either the lighting was poor, or trees obstructed the view.

I did my best, though. Adjacent are my two best shots.

Double O Arch Utah I hopped onto the other side of the arch for this one.

Although it was an enjoyable outing, I concluded Double O Arch wasn't as impressive as the other big catches in the park. The arch lacks the "wow" factor in my opinion. If anything, the trail's challenges from Landscape Arch make it more worth the effort. After this visit, I continued to Dark Angel.


Approaching the long and exposed fin.

At the base of the arch.

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