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Dark Angel In Arches National Park, Utah

This is no ordinary spire ...
There she is, the dark angel in Arches National Park. Do you see her eyes and nose? Oh how I love her long, flowing hair!
Dark Angel
I had Dark Angel all to myself during my November 2012 hike. :)

Photos by Steve Garufi in Fruita, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Utah Scenery


After hiking to Double O Arch in the Devils Garden, it is a mere 0.4 mile trail (one way) to Dark Angel. There she is, on the far left, as I stood the fin near Double O Arch.
Dark Angel Utah As I got closer to the rock structure, the features of the angel became more obvious. She faces right and stands like a watchwoman ... and did I mention her beautiful long hair? :)
Dark Angel, Utah Dark Angel In Arches National Park Near the base of Dark Angel.

Dark Angel sits at the far end of Devils Garden, and the trail ends here.

Orange Rock

Utah Desert Scenery

Two photos of nearby rocks.

Personally, this stop was the highlight of my hike. Everything was quiet and peaceful. The orange-shaded desert and rocks were enchanting. The weather was sunny and perfect. Alone, I chuckled to myself and gave thanks to God. How fortunate I was to enjoy all this scenery ... and to have it with solitude.

Then again, I really wasn't alone. A strong and radiant angel was looking after me. :)


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