Antero Reservoir - Park County, Colorado

Photo Gallery Of The Reservoir And Mountain Scenery - May 1, 2010

Antero Reservoir - Park County, Colorado
My Two Best Photos
Antero Reservoir, CO
I paid a visit to Antero Reservoir in Park County this morning. I have lived in Buena Vista, CO and have spent much time in nearby places such as Hartsel, Ranch of the Rockies and hiking the peaks in the Mosquito Range, but I have never been to Antero Reservoir.
Antero Reservoir, CO
A nice Colorado scenery shot that includes Buffalo Peaks on the right.

Antero Reservoir Entrance into the Antero Reservoir area.
Antero Reservoir, CO Beautiful sky above!
Be advised that Antero Reservoir is known to be very windy. On May 1 (today), the weather conditions at 9 a.m. were 38 degrees, but with the strong and cold winds, it felt much colder. There is a reason this region known as South Park does not have many trees ... the winds are strong!
Buffalo Peaks, CO A better closer-up photo of the Buffalo Peaks. Both the east and west summits are Colorado 13ers (i.e. over 13,000 feet in altitude), which make them popular to mountain climbers.

All of the photos were taken on the south shore, and although we are far from summer vacation season, many were fishing and camping on the grounds.

Black Mountain, CO The reservoir is in the foreground, but believe it or not, my interest in this photo is Black Mountain, the tree covered mountain. I intend to hike this mountain in the next week or two! :)
I really appreciate the deep blue Colorado sky in this one.

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  • Antero Reservoir, CO Another photo with the Buffalo Peaks.
    Antero Reservoir Not all of the reservoir has thawed. That bright silver is ice!
    Antero Reservoir A few RV's, campers and fisherman at the camp site on the south shore.

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