Almagre Mountain (elevation 12,367 feet) - Colorado Springs, CO

The Second Highest Mountain In The Pikes Peak Range
Almagre Mountain doesn't get much attention compared to its well-visited neighbor to the north, Pikes Peak. It just sits there humbly as a mountain oasis, wishing people would enjoy it more. Also, to add insult to injury, from Colorado Springs, there are many parts of the city where other mountains block the view of it. When I lived in region from 1997-2005, for years I'd see Almagre Mountain, noticing the road cut on Almagre Mountain South, and wonder about hiking up ther. Well, I finally did it and below are my photos and videos.

Directions: For now, I will defer to topographical maps of the Pikes Peak area. (My friend Ethan was the expert and guided me; there's no way I could successfully describe the route.) We went west on Gold Camp Road and turned north on Seven Lakes Road. Before we reached the gate (where you're required to pay), we pulled over and headed up a rough dirt road. Eventually, we got off the road and headed into the forest to the saddle of Almagre Mountain and Almagre Mountain South.

Almagre Mountain, Colorado
The long and flat top of Almagre Mountain, as seen from Interstate 25 in south Colorado Springs.

Almagre Mountain, CO
The view from Pikes Peak. Almagre Mountain is the most prominent peak on the right.

Photos by Steve Garufi, a.k.a. Colorado Guy. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Nasty Dirt Road


July 31, 2016 - Up a steep and nasty dirt road.
Almagre Mountain, CO Almagre Mountain came into sight. The summit is on the left.
Pikes Peak, CO

Pikes Peak, CO

We headed upward on a social trail. Once above timberline, the view of the south slope of Pikes Peak is the main attraction on this hike. Also, you'll be above Mason Reservoir and McReynolds Reservoir.
McReynolds Reservoir & Mason Reservoir A better view of those reservoirs.
Ethan Beute My hiking partner, Ethan.
Stratton Reservoir, Colorado You may notice on your topographical map that there is a Stratton Reservoir at the base of Almagre Mountain. On my map, it shows it with actual water, but as you can see, the area was parched. Be advised about this if you're planning to travel here for fishing.
Almagre Mountain South Once at the reservoir, the hiking is easy. We headed north to the summit. This is a look back at "Almagre Mountain South" with Strattong Reservoir at its base.
Almagre Mountain, Colorado

Pikes Peak, Colorado

Almagre Mountain 12,367'

Both of these photos were taken by Ethan. Nice photography! :)

Alamgre Mountain, CO

Alamgre Mountain in Colorado Springs

Pikes Peak, CO

TOP: Facing northeast, we had a good view of the Rampart Range, the Waldo Canyon burn area, and Cameron Cone.

SECOND: Facing east, with the city of Colorado Springs in the distance.

THIRD: The grandest view is to the north, where Pikes Peak shows its handsome face. From this angle, we could see the Cog Railway route and a train traveling up.

This is not a shabby mountain!
In fact, I was inspired to make a "not too shabby":

Almagre Mountain, CO Facing south toward Almagre Mountain South.

Now, I'm 95% sure we were on the highest point of this mountain. According to my map, the highest point is on the north peak at 12,367 feet. Also, from Colorado Springs, it appears that the north is highest. However, while standing on top and looking over, it did seem like the south peak was about 100 feet taller. So who knows?

Mount Rosa, Colorado Mount Rosa (11,499 ft), the pointed peak on the right, is next. :)
Chipotle Chicken Burrito


I celebrated at the summit by eating half of a Chipotle chicken burrito. Mmmmm.

The scenery above timberline.

More views.

Stratton Reservoir.

Summit of Almagre Mountain.

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