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Alcove Nature Trail In Colorado National Monument

An Easy 0.5 Mile Hike Near The Visitor Center; My Scenery Photos After Fresh Snowfall

An easy trail with a little bit of everything ...
The Alcove Nature Trail begins across Rim Rock Drive at the Colorado National Monument Visitor Center. An easy 0.5 mile hike (one way), the trail passes orange rock cliffs and forming arches, provides a stunning view of Wedding Canyon and finishes in a rock room.
Alcove Nature Trail, Colorado
Orange rock scenery abounds throughout Colorado National Monument, and the Alcove Nature Trail is no exception.

Photos and commentary by Steve Garufi in Fruita, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Snow in Colorado National Monument


December 9, 2012 - Much of Colorado received snowfall overnight. Here's a shady section of Rim Rock Drive as I worked my way up Fruita Canyon.
Alcove Nature Trail The Alcove Nature Trail and north end of the Black Ridge Trail begin at the same spot.
Alcove Nature Trail, CO

Pretty snow!

Since moving to Fruita, I suppose I miss the huge amounts of snow we used to get in Buena Vista, but not that much. ;)

Rim Rock Drive

Rim Rock Drive

The trail has an overlook with a view of Wedding Canyon and Rim Rock Drive directly below.
Alcove Nature Trail, Colorado

Alcove Nature Trail

The trail passes an arch that is slowly forming.

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  • Rock Room The trail ends in a tall rock room. Pretty cool!
    Bighorn Sheep While driving out, I saw a group of bighorn sheep near the Redlands View. Good to see those fellas!


    Apparently this is an ancient sand dune, according to park literature.

    A sunny section with the forming arch.

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