Cycling "Tijeras Canyon" New Mexico - (Albuquerque to Tijeras to Edgewood)

An Excellent Bicycle Route in Albuquerque
Searching for a rewarding cycling climb in Albuquerque? A popular route is the Interstate 40 canyon. It doesn't have an official name, but many refer to it as "Tijeras Canyon." From the junction of Central Avenue and Tramway, head east on State Highway 333 (old Route 66) which travels 16 miles to the high point in Sedillo Hill. There is plenty of scenery and a wide shoulder for much of the route. Happy cycling!

Cycling Tijeras Canyon, NM
A cyclist flew past me as I traveled west with pretty mountains in the background.

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Central Ave. in Albuquerque


May 2, 2015 - I began on Central Avenue on the east side of Albuquerque. My first picture was taken behind a bus at the Tramway intersection.
Old Route 66 Albuquerque Just follow the signs for New Mexico Highway 333. You'll be biking adjacent to Interstate 40 the entire way.
Interstate 40 New Mexico On the bridge over Interstate 40.
Cycling Tijeras Canyon It is a decent ascent for much of the canyon.

Take your time.
It's a great workout.

Tijeras, New Mexico

Tijeras, New Mexico

Arrival in Tijeras. There are a few services along the road, including a Subway Restaurant.
Zuzax, New Mexico

Old Route 66 Mural

Zuzax, New Mexico

I'm a big fan of Zuzax because of the town's name! Any word that contains two Z's and a X's is amazing for its phonetic value. :)

I stopped at the gas mart and liked the Route 66 mural at the auto shop next door.

Lipton Sparkling Iced Tea

Selfie Drinking

I was tired and sweaty.

There I am drinking a Lipton Sparkling Raspberry Iced Tea. :)

The photo of me reminds me of two "not too shabby" videos ...

Sedillo, New Mexico Onward I continued. Around 11 or 12 miles in, laziness was kicking in. Truly, I have done some tough rides in my lifetime, including biking across the USA twice, but something was off psychologically. Somehow, I pressed on. I really wanted to have a successful ride on my first major outing in Albuquerque.
Cycling Sedillo Hill, NM

Sedillo Hill Road & Interstate 40 - The Summit

It was disappointing there was no sign marking the summit, or even that this high point was the dividing point between the Rio Grande and Pecos River Watersheds. Still, it was great to be on top. The summit, according to my records is ~7000 feet. Thus, if you start at Tramway and Central Avenue (~5600 feet), you'll ascend 1400'. Not bad.

Some of my better climbs in Colorado:
  • Independence Pass
  • Cottonwood Pass
  • Hoosier Pass
  • Fremont Pass
  • Michael P. Wolff Bicycle Memorial I continued for five more miles to reach Edgewood.

    Here's a touching bicycle memorial for Michael P. Wolff (1957-2014). Be sure to watch the video below.

    Edgewood, New Mexico

    Steve Garufi Bicyclist

    Edgewood, New Mexico

    At Edgewood, my cyclometer read 20.5 miles. I rested for a while, took some pictures, and then returned the way I came.

    There's one sappy image of me. I was so happy to make it. :)

    Road With my luck, the southwest winds picked up on my way back, making it a headwind. I hung in there. I had no choice. (That's the beauty and agony of road biking, isn't it?) Here's one photo of the road leading way into the distance.


    Mr. Gas Mart in Edgewood

    Bicycle Memorial for Michael Wolff

    Hanging out in Edgewood

    The summit in Sedillo

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