Cordova Pass, Colorado (Elevation 11,248 Feet)

A Scenic Drive Through Aguilar and Gulnare to Cordova Pass

An Interesting Drive In Southeast Colorado
Looking for another way to explore the Spanish Peaks region outside of the Highway of Legends? The road from Aguilar to Cordova Pass might be a good option. From Aguilar, it is 28 miles in distance. The dirt road did not require high clearance. There were many bumpy spots to take it slow, but my Honda Civic made it just fine.

Road With Aspen Trees
Plenty of aspens way up on the road to Cordova Pass.

Photos by Steve Garufi, a.k.a. Colorado Guy. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Aguilar, CO

Aguilar, Colorado

Aguilar, Colorado

July 24, 2016 - The adventure began in the town of Aguilar -- a small village in Las Animas County between Trinidad and Walsenburg.

TOP: The Spanish Peaks in view.

SECOND: There is a main street in Aguilar with a food market, bar, library and a bunch of abandoned buildings.

Gulnare, Colorado Follow the signs out of Aguilar and head to Gulnare. The scenery isn't too shabby.
Spanish Peaks, CO

West Spanish Peak, CO

The road turns to dirt. Like I said, any car can make it, but at the 18-mile mark (west of Aguilar), the conditions are not for the faint of heart.

Adjacent are two photos of the Spanish Peaks. The second shows just West Spanish Peak.

Spanish Peaks Ranch An entrance gate to the abandoned Spanish Peaks Ranch Estates. You'll see lots of real estate signs in this area.
Road to Cordova Pass The road climbs. You'll have nice views facing east towards at Gulnare and Aguilar. There are plenty of aspen trees too.
West Spanish Peak Near the top, there isn't a good clearing to see the Spanish Peaks, but it'll pop its head here and there. :)
Cordova Pass, Colorado

Cordova Pass

At Cordova Pass is a campground at the trailhead for the standard hiking route to West Spanish Peak.
Farley Overlook, Colorado

By the time I got to the Farley Overlook, west of Cordova Pass and near Cuchara Pass, it was raining.

Below the photo, I put my video from the overlook on a sunny day. I'd say it's worth a visit. :)

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