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28 Consecutive Losses In Aggravation Board Game

(Friends Ridicule Steve With Sheet Of Paper Mocking His Year-Long Losing Streak - March 8, 2010)

Aggravation Board Game

BUENA VISTA, CO - 28 losses in a row?! Move over Detroit Lions for their futile ways - a new and consistent loser is in town!

Steve "Colorado Guy" Garufi has lost 28 consecutive times with friends in the popular board game known as Aggravation. Although Steve finished in second and third place dating back to last summer, placing in first against competing Naegele family members (usually five or six players) has been unattainable.

"I just can't win. I don't know what's wrong and it's feels hopeless." explained Steve, who wore his New York Yankees crewneck shirt, a team that ironically has won the most world championships in any major professional sport.

To make matters worse, someone placed an 8x11 sheet of paper on Steve's front door that read: "28 losses in a row is so sad!" Also included was a drawing of Steve's face with curly hair and tears coming down - a clear attempt to ridicule his losing streak. At this time, no one has admitted that they made the sign, but Steve suspects one of the bratty teenagers in the family is responsible.

However, Kent Naegele offered no sympathy to Steve: "You're just a loser. I don't want to hear your complaining."

Steve contends he understands the plight of teams like the Detroit Lions and Cleveland Browns in football, who are constantly losing.

"28 losses in a row is not funny. I know this is a simple family board game, but all that losing will grade on you after awhile. Trust me, I know."

In this evening's Aggravation board game, the winner was Michael Naegele. (Photo above; Michael is flexing his muscles) Michael rolled many 6's and moved his blue marbles quickly around the board.

"It was obvious from the very beginning that I was going to lose." Steve admitted.

Steve's board game adventures have previously made the news. He once dominated a Ms. Pac Man arcade game in Manitou Springs. He also entirely shut out his computerized opponents in Microsoft Hearts, and on two occasions, he pummeled friends in an outrageous lobsided score in Scrabble.

Aggravation Board Game
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There it is ... Aggravation. Rolls your dice, move your marbles around the board and place them into your "home base." Ideally, you can move your marbles quickly by rolling many 6's and getting them on the inner ring, but your opponents can stomp your marbles fairly easily, especially with more players. Hence, the term Aggravation. ;)

Aggravation Board Game Early on, nobody looked very excited about the game.

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