Ackerly, Texas

A nice West Texas town with no mountains and huge winds ...
To get a full understanding of what it's like to live in Ackerly, Texas, look intently at the open dirt cotton field below. There is nothing out there. No mountains. No scenery. Just nothing. Let that scene seep into your psyche. Because that is what the people of Ackerly and other west Texas towns have to deal with. Ackerly is a great town; it's between Big Spring and Lamesa on U.S. Highway 87.

West Texas
Wide open spaces and flat topography in this region of west Texas.

Ackerly, Texas
Ackerly, Texas. Population 245.

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Ackerly, TX


Ain't nothing between Big Spring and Lamesa, except for the village of Ackerly.
U.S. Highway 87

West Texas Plains

Wide open spaces. Lots of wind, too.
Mustang Country The pride and joy of Ackerly is Sands High School, home of the Mustangs. If you live within a 15-mile radius of Ackerly, your kids probably go here. Heck, there are some kids from Lamesa and Big Spring who go to Sands.
Sinclair Gas Station There is a partially-restored Sinclair gas station. The owners hoped to open it as a fueling station and general store, but there has been a hang-up over regulations regarding the closeness of the gas pumps to the building.

Someday, hopefully this neat establishment will be open to the public. Perhaps they should park an old antique vehicle or two by the gas pumps for show.

Texas Farm Road 2212

Abandoned Building

Pal's Corner

Ackerly, TX Post Office

Texas Farm Road 2212 runs through downtown Ackerly.

SECOND: An abandoned building.

THIRD: Pal's Corner, which is open for breakfast and lunch on weekdays.

FOURTH: The Ackerly post office with the water tower behind.

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  • Ackerly, Texas Avenue D.
    Methodist Church The Ackerly Methodist Church.
    Town Hall Town Hall.
    Power Substation The power substation on the east end of town.


    Ackerly Post Office

    Biking in Ackerly

    The town fire truck.

    Big Spring State Park

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