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Bicycling To Trout Creek Pass

Easier Than Neighboring Passes; Scenery From Johnson Village To The Top

Trout Creek Pass This was my first decent bike ride in Colorado for 2008, and amidst some fairly chilly and wintery winds, I was able to reach the summit of Trout Creek Pass. I have been fairly lazy in the past two weeks after my bike ride across America, and I succumbed to the pressure to get out there and show something mountainous with the camera.

Trout Creek Pass, which serves as the border of Chaffee and Park counties, lacks notoriety and is not a well-traveled route for bicyclists. Oh, but it does divide the watersheds of the Arkansas River and Platte River, which I think merits at least some respect. If you're in the Arkansas River valley and seeking a good training ground that is open all year, riding to Trout Creek Pass might be a good option. The distance from Johnson Village to Trout Creek Pass is approximately 12-13 miles and the altitude gain in 1,400 feet.

If you're really into bicycling Colorado's many passes, you are welcome to check out my previous rides over the years: Independence Pass, Cottonwood Pass, Monarch Pass, Poncha Pass and Wolf Creek Pass.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the photos below. This adventure has me excited about riding again!

All the best,
-Steve :)

Johnson Village, Colorado

Photo Gallery - Traveling Up To Trout Creek Pass

April 5, 2008 - The view of Mt. Princeton from Johnson Village early in the ride. The skies were indeed quite gray which made the lighting just terrible!
Arkansas River A view of the Arkansas River as I crossed the bridge.

Trek Bicycle
Heading upward, Limestone Ridge caught my eye, and I thought it would be appropriate to show off my new bicycle. (You can read more about my old and new bikes on the "Day 8" and "Day 9" pages of my B.A.A. trip report.)
Buffalo Peaks The Buffalo Peaks.
Trout Creek Pass
Trout Creek Pass
Trout Creek Pass
At the top of Trout Creek Pass!

Note there is still plenty of snow up there. Today's conditions were fairly wintery, with it reaching 43 degrees and strong winds that made it feel in the 20's. I needed all of my winter gear for this ride.

I included both opposing views from the pass.
TOP: Looking towards Park County.
BOTTOM: Mt. Princeton (left) and Mt. Yale (right) are seen peaking their heads in the background.

Mt. Princeton Coming down the pass into Chaffee County, here's that view of Mt. Princeton that many speak of as being stunning!
Chaffee County, Colorado "Now This Is Colorado" is the official tourism slogan of Chaffee County. It is very fitting! on Facebook

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