21 Road - Grand Junction, Colorado

Scenery Photos On The Drive To The Book Cliffs and Hunter Canyon

A Leisure Drive in the Grand Valley
March 12, 2013 - I did a simple drive today. From U.S. Highways 6 & 50 between Fruita and Grand Junction, I drove north all the way to the Book Cliffs and the mouth of Hunter Canyon. It was nothing wild I suppose, but it was a nice mini-adventure in Western Colorado's Grand Valley, which has become my home.

Photos and videos by Steve Garufi in Fruita, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

21 Road in Grand Junction, CO
The beginning of 21 Road with the view toward the south of Colorado National Monument.

21 Road
Traveling north, ranches and homesteads line 21 Road for miles.
Book Cliffs Fruita
Coming closer to the Book Cliffs. Hunter Canyon is located in the break in those mountains.
Book Cliffs Colorado
Pretty desert and mountain scenery, if you ask me.

Book Cliffs in Fruita, Colorado
Plenty of mountain bike, ATV and horse trails are out this way. Eventually, the road turned into gravel.
Books Cliffs, Colorado
I pulled over to enjoy the scenery. I know ... the terrain looks more like I'm in Utah or Nevada, doesn't it? :)

Hunter Canyon Colorado
Far from a decent picture, but I turned around here at the mouth of Hunter Canyon. I'll be back ... there is so much to explore north of Fruita and Grand Junction.


Barren and empty land.

At the base of Hunter Canyon.

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