2017 Fantasy Football Teams and Managers

The ColoradoGuy.com Fantasy Football League has become the standard for excellence in fantasy sports since 2007.
The competition is tough. Phantom managers are not tolerated and booted without warning. And there are many, many teams. :)

Previous Champions and Runners-Up

2007 - Evil Bunnies defeated Missourah Mules
2008 - Texas Dirt Storm defeated Mr. Potato Heads
2009 - Buffs defeated Phoenix Slam
2010 - Flea Flickers defeated Garbage Cans
2011 - Radiators defeated Phoenix Slam
2012 - Garbage Cans defeated Titletown
2013 - Titletown defeated Garbage Cans
2014 - South Park Swathers defeated Away Team
2015 - Dry Heaves defeated Ardent Spark
2016 - Plaid Jello defeated Ferris Wheels

Manager of the Year Awards

2007 - Garbage Cans (Steve)
2008 - Mr. Potato Heads (Kent)
2009 - Phoenix Slam (Phil)
2010 - Garbage Cans (Steve)
2011 - Radiators (Brandon)
2012 - Titletown (Terrill)
2013 - Yella Hammers! (Aimee)
2014 - Garbage Cans (Steve)
2015 - Claymakers (Colton)
2016 - Carr In The Shop (Matt)

Below are photos and a short Twitter-like biography of all 18 managers and the four divisions they're in. -Steve :)

Old Forum Division
The "old forum" includes some of the long-time regulars who visit the discussion forum on ColoradoGuy.com.

Texas Dirt Storm
The 2008 league champion. Proud West Texan. Pittsburgh Steelers fan. This is THE Glenda in my book Under a Triumphant Sky who, with her family, met and helped me on my three bike across America trips. :) Has the most seniority; has been a manager in this league since it began in 2007.
Steve Garufi
Garbage Cans
Garbage Cans! gArBaGe CaNs! G-A-R-B-A-G-E C-A-N-S! *Garbage Cans!* Garbage Cans! gArBaGe CaNs! G-A-R-B-A-G-E C-A-N-S! *Garbage Cans!* Garbage Cans! gArBaGe CaNs! G-A-R-B-A-G-E C-A-N-S! *Garbage Cans!* Garbage Cans! gArBaGe CaNs! G-A-R-B-A-G-E C-A-N-S! :)
Mighty Marmots
Lifelong Kansan who vacations regularly at Taylor Park and Tincup. Diehard Kansas State fan. Longs to move to Colorado someday. Of course, he loves Marmots too. Tweet him at @kstater91.
Bill Ferris
Ferris Wheels
A real life friend in Southern Colorado. Iraq War veteran and former Army Chaplain. Currently a pastor of a presbyterian church. He's been in not too shabbies here, here and here. His last name is Ferris. What a great name... the Ferris Wheels! :)
Flea Flickers
Lives in Silver Lake, Kansas. A "Wild at Heart" guy who volunteers at many John Eldredge's Ransomed Heart conferedences. The Flea Flickers were the 2010 world champions in #cgleague. (Proud father too; him pictured with the youngest of his 3.)

Iron Division
Iron is strong. Bang your head against an iron fence and it would hurt.
In that light, the name "iron" is appropriate because this division has produced two champions (Titletown in 2013; Dry Heaves in 2015) and two managers of the year (Titletown in 2013; Claymakers in 2015).


Dry Heaves
The 2015 league champion. Lifelong Tucson, Arizona resident. Don't ask me what his team name is about! :p)
2013 champion. 2012 runner-up. Lifelong New Englander who loves the Green Bay Packers. Sports journalist in Vermont. Loves his wife and daughter dearly.
Steve Q.

PBJ Rampage
A friend from my days in Buena Vista, Colorado. Steve once helped me move some of my furniture! Avid flyfisherman. Loves 4-wheeling. School teacher. Husband and father to three adorable girls.
The Claymakers
Works as a conductor for a railroad. Proud Wisconsinite and Green Bay Packers fan. Colton has ridden his bicycle across America and hopes to do it again someday.
Kevin Pace
The Away Team
Kevin was a friend when I was a teenager in New Jersey. I moved to Colorado, but he still lives there. What the heck is up with the New York Mets hat? :o) The Away Team was the 2014 runner-up. Strong manager with a brilliant fantasy football mind.

Elevation Division
Originally for Coloradans and people who wish they lived in the Rocky Mountains. Now it's a mish-mash of friends.

Plaid Jello
Doug and I went to church together many years ago in Woodland Park. Creative guy. Plaid Jello ... I want to see a picture of that. :) Tweet him at @plaidjello.
Alan Marston
Kansas City BBQs
Alan grew up outside of Boston and loves the Red Sox and Patriots. He moved to the Kansas City area where he's a loss prevention manager. His latest efforts have been in local politics. He ran for city council in Olathe, Kansas, missing the two-candidate runoff, but he continues to be active in serving his community.
Mayhem Monsters
Mayhem Monsters
Baltimore resident who loves the Ravens. Engineer. Runs in marathons. Gorgeous hair. Don't take this girl lightly: she won this division last year and made some noise in the playoffs. :)
Keith Short
South Park Swathers
The 2014 league champion. Now THIS is a man who wishes he lived in Colorado! Poor Keith lives on the plains in Hesston, Kansas; that's why he looks so sad! :( He and his kids visited Buena Vista two years ago. Tweet him at @k_l_short.

High On The Hog Division
This is a division for Arkansas friends, rednecks, and simple country people who live in the South. (Matt lives in Texas, but that's close enough.)

Arkansas is the laughingstock of the country for giving us Mike Huckabee and Tom Cotton, but this league will always be PRO-ARKANSAS and PRO-RAZORBACKS!!! :)

Wade Carter
Show Me Your TDs
The biggest Razorbacks fan in the world. He goes to all of the football games. Oh yes, wooooo pig sooooie! Moved the hell of out Arkansas and now lives in New Orleans.
Houston Honeys
Soft exterior, tough interior. Proud University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff graduate. Massage therapist in Houston. Popular team with a large fan base.

Carr In The Shop
Matt was the producer and co-host of a The Ticket, a sports radio show in Abilene, Texas. He interviewed me twice about biking across America twice, listen here and interviewed me. Dallas Cowboys fan. Tweet him at @MSPquickdraw.
Mitch Sebourn
Area 51 Lobsters
A huge Arkansas Razorbacks fan. Mitch works as an attorney in Little Rock. In his spare time, he gets to Colorado as much as can to hike 14ers and 13ers. Tweet him at @mnsebourn.

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