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I have so many feelings when I think about 2015 ...
2015 had many hard times, and yet, there was a lot of good too. Most notable was that I moved twice. I lived in Buena Vista for four months. Then Albuquerque for the summer. Followed by Trinidad for 4 months. Below was my cell phone screen image for most of the year. I know... it looks morose, but it matched my mood. 2015 will be a year that I'll never forget. It might be a cliche, but I am forever changed.

Special thanks to Ross, Everett, Donna, Ron, Dave, Patricia, Ruth Ann and the K-Group, Mike, Kansas Kelly, Heidi and many others. It's obvious I have good friends in you. You can also take heart in knowing that I will never stop fighting for you!

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Wasson Peak Hike Jan-Feb-Mar - For the first three months of 2015, I went through what was probably the hardest time of my life. There was heartbreak... painful heartbreak. There was also meaninglessness, a blown car engine, a crisis with where to work and live, and sleepless nights.

The image I chose has me in Arizona during a week-long trip. I had a great time in Tucson, but it was also tough emotionally. Everything was tough during that time.

Steve Garufi Author First Year as an Author - 2015 was the first year that I enjoyed as an author. I had nine book events, and a bunch of radio interviews and newspaper stories. One major highlight was when I spoke to 42 people at the public library in Siloam Springs, Arkansas in August. :)

My favorite article may have been the "Colorado Guy" story on the front page of the Chaffee County Times. Also, the radio interview by Bill Rogan and Andy Cornell was amazing.

Sandia Peak Tram Summer in Albuquerque - On May 1, I did the unthinkable: "Colorado Guy" moved to New Mexico. Thankfully, it didn't last long. The contract job awaiting me in Albuquerque didn't offer the money-making abilities I expected, which led me to move back to Colorado.

All in all, I'm grateful for the experience to have lived in the Land of Enchantment. In Albuquerque, I rented near the intersection of I-25 and Alameda Boulevard. You can see all of my hikes and photo galleries on my all-new New Mexico page.

I'd like to thank Patricia and the K-group at Hoffmantown Church for their kindness and friendship.

Not Too Shabby Videos - I made 180 more "not too shabby" videos. 2015 was the year that viewership EXPLODED! :) At least twice I was promoted on Reddit; the second time was so big that it put me over 1,000,000 views. The Reddit story is right here.

My favorite promotion was when a TV news station in Grand Rapids, Michigan did a story about the not too shabby craziness. :)

Adjacent is the last "not too shabby" video I did for 2015. If you click it, they will continually play (going backwards in time) through the year. The first of the year was when Bill Rogan did a guest NTS with my new book. :)

Trinidad, Colorado New Job in Trinidad - A job in mental health brought me back to Colorado on September 1. No, Trinidad is not a glorious part of the state, but it was an upgrade from Albuquerque. Special thanks to Heidi and my co-workers for being such great people. :)

Photo: A shot of town from an autumn bike ride.

Linkins Lake, CO Hikes and Bike Rides - I had some memorable ones.
  • Pusch Peak, AZ
  • Cycling Tijeras Canyon, NM
  • Nacimiento Peak, NM
  • Point 12812' Independence Pass
  • Linkins Lake
  • Morton's Neuroma - My feet suffered throughout 2015. I have Morton's Neuroma in both feet.

    I'm pleased to say my feet have begun to feel better since October, although there is still more work to do. I've been seeing my podiatrist in Pueblo on a monthly basis and recently ordered specialized orthotics.

    Candy Crush Board Candy Crush - I started the year at Candy Crush Level 785, and finished at level 1324. :)

    The 2015 Garbage Cans finished with a disappointing 6-7 record. This year, as commissioner, I made the entire league go with an auto-draft. THAT is my excuse for why my team was so bad. :p)

    Friendship Board - I re-opened the Friendship Board after seven years. :)

    Fall Foliage Colorado God's Love For Me - I don't have the words to express how the Holy Spirit blessed and guided me in 2015. There's no question that I was never alone... ever. There was an answer to prayer in April; just thinking about it puts a big smile on my face. :)

    What can I say, Lord? It was a wild year. Thank you!

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