2013 Fantasy Football Teams and Managers

The ColoradoGuy.com Fantasy Football League has become the standard for excellence in fantasy sports since 2007. The competition is tough. The press coverage can be intense. For the one lucky winner, he or she can say that they are the champion of the world!

Below are photos and a short Twitter-like biography of all 16 managers and the four divisions they're in. -Steve :)

Old Forum Division
These four managers have been in this league since its inception in 2007. "Old forum" relates to the vibrant message forums that were part of ColoradoGuy.com from 2000-2008, in which all four of us participated and had a good ol' time.
Phil Ladden
Phoenix Slam
Nicest guy you'll ever meet in Phoenix. He once rode with me on my bike across USA tour. Grew up in Colorado. Hiked Mt. Sherman and Mt. Bierstadt with me. :)
Victor Victorias
Among all managers, Lisa lives at the highest elevation at 10,000 feet in Victor, Colorado. In all six years in this league, she's had a below .500 team, but everyone is hopeful for the Victor Victorias. How can you not love this woman? :)
Texas Dirt Storm
The 2008 league champion. Proud West Texan. Pittsburgh Steelers fan. Glenda and her family also helped me on my bike across USA trips. :)
Steve Garufi
Garbage Cans
Garbage Cans! gArBaGe CaNs! G-A-R-B-A-G-E C-A-N-S! *Garbage Cans!* Garbage Cans! gArBaGe CaNs! G-A-R-B-A-G-E C-A-N-S! *Garbage Cans!* Garbage Cans! gArBaGe CaNs! G-A-R-B-A-G-E C-A-N-S! *Garbage Cans!* Garbage Cans! gArBaGe CaNs! G-A-R-B-A-G-E C-A-N-S! *Garbage Cans!* :)

Iron Division
Iron is strong. Bang your head against an iron fence and it would hurt. In that light, the name "iron" is appropriate because in the past two years, this division has sent a team to the finals.
The Away Team
Kevin is a friend from my teen years, when we played on a church basketball team together. He still lives in New Jersey. Good guy. He's a Jets fan? Awww bummer for him! :o)
Lifelong New Englander who loves the Green Bay Packers. Works as a journalist in Vermont. Loves his wife and daughter dearly. The runner-up in the 2012 championship game.

Jodhan and I worked together in New Hampshire in the mid-1990s. He's 100% Canadian and lives in Montreal. Fantasy football newbie. :)

Dry Heaves
A winner of many championships in other leagues, he joins mine for the first time. Lifelong Tucson, Arizona resident. Don't ask me what his team name is all about! :p)

Elevation Division
Lots of high-elevation Colorado types in this division. :)
Plaid Jello
Doug and I went to church together many years ago in Woodland Park. Creative social media guy. Plaid Jello ... I want to see a picture of that. :)
Jeff Abel
Pigskin Prodigies
I once went 4-wheeling with Jeff, his wife and daughter. Watch this! :) Jeff lives in Colorado Springs. Another social media guy.
Awesome at Altitude
Mike W
Mighty Marmots
Yes, he lives in Kansas, but he vacations regularly around Taylor Park and Tincup. Diehard KSU fan. Longs to move to Colorado someday. (You will, friend.)

High On The Hog Division
Because my league is pro-Arkansas and pro-Razorbacks, this division is for Arkansans or people who lived there or live near there.
Houston Honeys
Soft exterior, tough interior. Proud University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff graduate. Massage therapist in Houston.

Ardent Spark
A graphic design guy in northwest Arkansas. Heck yes, he manages his team from the heart of RAZORBACK COUNTRY!!!

Delta Moxie
Lives happily with her husband and child in the Arkansas Delta. She's an LSU fan??? (Gasp.) Check out her blog: www.deltamoxie.com.
Sissy Perfume Bottlz

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