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The Year 2010 - My Thank You & Reflection Page

(A Recap With Photos and Links of Happening In My Life - December 31, 2010)

Railroad Tracks

2010 is coming to an end and it's time to reflect over the past year. I'm not much of a New Year's resolutions kind of guy, but I always write down yearly goals and review them throughout the year. Some are too personal to share in public, but I will say I accomplished seven out of eight goals - not too shabby.

As I've written in previous years, I make this page for myself because it helps me reflect on important things. Let me be clear: *THANK YOU* from the bottom of my heart for your friendship!

I can honestly say 2010 was a happier year. God broke through in my life in various ways. I am less grouchy and gloomy about things, and I've forgiven people more. I laugh more and go with the flow with whatever life hands my way. And while my standards for relationships continues to rise, I've found myself less prone to be offended by people. If you see anything good in my life, my Lord Jesus Christ gets all the credit.

The adjacent picture includes myself on the railroad tracks near Nathrop, Colorado during my seven day, 61-mile walk through Chaffee County in April. Life is a journey, kind of like those railroad tracks, isn't it? Best wishes to you in all things!

Buena Vista, Colorado

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Icicles Switching jobs - Although my employer, immediate boss and co-workers were quite benevolent to me in my mental health job, boldly moving on was the best decision I made in the year! My job was miserable, pressure-filled and underpaying, and over time, I found myself compromising my values and appalled at a professionalized system meant to help people that defied so much common sense. Having said that, I made some nice friends and sincerely miss those I worked with.

As for work, I landed a job with a web design firm that is two miles from my home. Much of my job is related to Internet marketing. I help small and large businesses rank high on search engines, manage social media campaigns for tourism companies, manage Google adwords campaigns and do copy writing and ghost writing for blogs.

Someday, I look foward to returning to the field of counseling, but only when the time and opportunity is right.

I chose the adjacent photo as a good representation of my old job in Leadville. The icicles that formed in the winter in that town were stunning. I love the Colorado flag behind! :)

Cup of Coffee The Book - I am still working on my book about my 2008 bike across America trip. As of December 31, 2010, I am fairly close to completing a quality third draft. Then I'll have one more "go round" with freelance editors and others critiquing it. I am so grateful that I had time and energy in 2010 to work on my book, and anticipate the likelihood that my book will be available for purchase sometime in 2011.
YouTube Channel Biking Across America - This summer, I started to make tutorial videos to answer questions that I frequently receive about bicycling across America. As of this writing, my videos have been watched 15,000+ times, which is an honor. Watch my videos here:

Also, I am hopeful to bike across America again in 2011. I won't share any details right now, but there is good reason to feel optimistic. :)

Salida, Colorado Chaffee County Walk - In seven consecutive days in April, I walked the 61-mile distance of Chaffee County, Colorado from north to south. For the first five days, I walked on the unused railroad tracks. Going on a long journey by foot on railroad tracks has been something I've wanted to do for many years. Read all about my trip here: 2010 Chaffee County Walk

Special thanks to Bill Oliver of Salida, who was the only person to walk with me during the journey! :)

Lisa and Steve More Joy
More Involvement With Church Community
- I can't tell you how much my last counseling job sucked the life out of me. One of the benefits of my job change was I had more time and energy for spiritual devotion. I am so grateful to all of my new and old friends at Valley Fellowship Church. Getting back into a routine of worship, hearing teachings and fellowship was critical to my well-being. I even participated in the Bethlehem Marketplace that my church performs every two years. So much fun!

I didn't take many pictures of "church stuff," and so I went looking for a picture that resembles the happy feelings I have about this topic. Eventually I found this picture of myself with my dear friend Lisa of Victor, Colorado, who visited me one day in March. I love this shot! :)

Arches National Park, Utah Moab, Utah - I started the new year right by spending a four day weekend in Moab, Utah. It was quite cold and snowy for the high desert of eastern Utah, but that didn't stop me. Enjoy all of my pages and photos here: 2010 Moab, Utah.
Arkansas Razorbacks Football Game Arkansas - I spent a week in Arkansas in October. Woooo Pig Soouie!

Enjoy photos and links to all pages here: Arkansas Vacation 2010

Fantasy Football - Each year, the Fantasy Football League gets better. So much fun was had with smack talk and discussions on Twitter for sure.

My Garbage Cans, powered by Aaron Rodgers, Roddy White and Antonio Gates, made it to the championship game before losing to Shawn Martin of Topeka, Kansas. His team, the Flea Flickers are the 2010 world champions! (P.S. I also had Michael Vick as my back-up QB and had RB2 difficulties all year.)

Champion - Flea Flickers (Shawn)
Manager of the Year - Garbage Cans (Myself)
Newcomer of the Year - Houston Honeys (Arnetta)

Good news! The Garbage Cans have a fan page on Facebook:

Colorado Rocky Mountains Mountain Climbs - I did a lot of mountain climbing during the warmer months. Below are a few pages off the top of my head:
  • Mt. Massive
  • Mt. Bierstadt
  • White Ridge
  • Horseshoe Mountain
  • "Colorado Mountain"
  • Mt. Sniktau
  • Grays and Torreys Peak
  • Weston Peak
  • Quail Mountain
  • Videos - I think I made some decent videos. Adjacent was one that included Phil as he struggled on a massive snowfield while coming down Mt. Sherman.

    A few others I'm proud of:

  • Louisiana High Point
  • Razorbacks Fashion Show
  • Zach Is Walking
  • Mt. Massive
  • . The Traffic Light - I am pleased to announce I created the Buena Vista, CO Traffic Light fan page on Facebook. Have you joined? :)
    Sunset Photography - Based on the feedback I receive on my Facebook page, I am well aware that the vast majority of my visitors want more and more Colorado scenery photos. Below are four pages of different seasons and topics for your enjoyment.
  • Fall Foliage
  • Sunsets
  • Hummingbirds
  • Cottonwood Pass

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