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The Year 2009 - My Thank You Page

(This is my "Year In Pictures" Page with My Reflections & Expression of Gratitude - December 31, 2009)

Tonight, as I type on a wintery Colorado night, it is "gratitude night." Let me be upfront: This page is more for myself than you. It is my opportunity to reflect and give thanks to God. I also want to thank you for your friendship. If you are reading this, oh what an honor it is!

I dedicate this year to the people of Iran. As far as I'm concerned, they receive the "People of the Year" award. I was so inspired by their courage during those tumultuous protests in June, and many other brave acts leading to the most recent demonstrations in late December. The role of Twitter as these demonstrations unfolded is something I will never forget. I wish the very best to the people of Iran in their quest for freedom and dignity. Adjacent are two photos courtesy of

For me, the year 2009 was driven by tension and anxiety. The reality of my limited time on earth was a constant in my mind and heart. Am I making the most of my life? Am I following through with God's calling? Am I boldly striving for my wildest dreams? So many questions, and so few answers I have (it seems).

Thanks again for viewing this page. Have a dazzling 2010. May you feel truly alive in your journey!


Steve on Twitter Fan Page

This was my first full calendar year without my Dad. (He died in November 2008.) Adjacent is a video tribute I made of his life.

Fan Page

Twitter and Facebook! Ahhhh the insanity!

First of all, I would have to say my involvement in these two sites have been pivotal in many aspects of my life.

Twitter clearly became my favorite online "hang out" in 2009. It was a wild and twitterful year ... I am so grateful for the countless friends I made on there! :)

As for Facebook, more of a low key social networking site, I appreciate the 691 fans the fan page has attracted. By the way, if you're really into being aware of all of my updates, I encourage you to become a fan as all new pages are posted in the news feed! :)

Columbines I began 2009 in a horrible financial state, as 2008 "kicked my butt" through and through. By April, things were so bad I was considering moving far away from Colorado out of necessity.

Somehow, things turned around by the early summer and I've been "back on my feet" in the second half of the year. I am so grateful to many - I won't say their names; They can receive their reward in heaven - for the gifts, loans and truly compassionate and encouraging words I received.

A nice Columbine flower for you in the adjacent photo! :)

Laptop The book project. Ugh ... the book! You may or may not know that I have been working on my first book about my 2008 bike trip across America since July 2008. All I will say is, the first draft has been completed and I'm slowly (and let me emphasize the word "slowly") working on a second and third draft. I am paying a professional editor a good amount of money to work with me on this. My biggest obstacle in 2009 was finding the time and energy to get into a rhythm - considering that I work a solid 40+ hours in a stressful and demanding (although highly rewarding) job that leaves me mentally exhausted most days. I've also learned that I need to obtain many more skills to become a successful author.
Mt. Princeton
Photo Above: The standard route to Mt. Princeton. Don't forget, I am still photographing that mountain on a nearly daily basis at
I did plenty of hiking. Below are some of the more exciting adventures to summits of 12,000+ feet:
  • South Elbert
  • Mt. Princeton
  • Bald Mountain & Banana Mountain
  • Galena Mountain
  • Lost Canyon Road And the pictorails! I've had some good ones, if I might admit that. ;)

    Three that I am particularly proud of:

  • Lost Canyon Road (adjacent photo)
  • Elk in Buena Vista, CO
  • Arches National Park
  • Colorado Sunset (December 25)
  • Fantasy Football The Fantasy Football League had a great season in 2009!

    League Champion - Buffs (Vince)
    Manager Of The Year - Phoenix Slam (Phil)
    Newbie Of The Year - Hotlanta NFL Divas (Janet)

    As for the Garbage Cans, they finished a pitiful 4-9 - thanks to drafting of downright awful players such as Jay Cutler, Braylon Edwards, Dwayne Bowe, Pierre Thomas, Dustin Keller and the Pittsburgh defense in the auto-draft. Rest assured, we will be having a live draft in 2010, so that the Garbage Cans aren't stuck with such terrible players again!

    Lastly, #cgleague became the official hashtag on Twitter. Woo-hoo! :)

    Yankees Mountain New York Yankees 2009 World Champions!

    During the World Series, I ascended an unnamed peak east of Nathrop, CO and named it Yankees Mountain. ;)

    I did not do much vacationing in 2009, but I did manage a 5-day road trip to Arkansas to cheer those Hogs. Wooooooooo ... Pig! Sooooooouie! Arkansas defeated South Carolina 33-16 in Fayetteville at the game that Charles, myself and Jamie attended.

    My Arkansas pages from my visit:

  • Arkansas Razorbacks football game
  • Buffalo National River
  • Arkansas High Point
  • I became much more active in creating videos - most of which are on YouTube. My YouTube channel page is:

    Adjacent are four videos I'm most proud of! TOP LEFT: Yodeling at the Waterdog Lakes, TOP RIGHT: Chaffee County Road 162, BOTTOM LEFT: Snowing in Buena Vista, BOTTOM RIGHT: Dunkin Donuts Colorado Springs.

    Steve I did not create many of my "crazy news articles." Only three, but hey, it's better than zero. :)

    They are: Johnson Village Mayor, Twitter Queen and Tweeting in Church.

    Lastly, I must give all of my gratitude and praise to my Lord. I owe everything to Him!

    Adjacent Photo: A pretty view from Cottonwood Pass.