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The Year 2008 - My Reflections After Another Year

(My Annual Page to Give Thanks, Reflect and Show My Best Pages of the Year - December 31, 2008)

Mt. Elbert

For many years, I recounted age 15 as the hardest year in my life. Peer pressure, dealing with bullies, insecurities and teenage confusion all came to a gloomy head. Well, I think age 36-37 probably surpassed it. Life has been hard!

Work/career matters, deciding whether to move (and if so, where to live?), understanding God's will, financial struggles, loneliness, self-esteem matters and depression have all been in the mix this year. And this is not even taking into account my father's death. My Dad in New Jersey was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in June and died in November.

It is the hard times that shape us into better people. If we can persevere through things like disappointment, failure and heartache, it will make us more compassionte and less judgmental people. God uses us for great things when we are weak.

Ultimately, thank God my strength and spirituality comes from what God did for me ... and not ever based on what I can possibly do for God or myself.

I share all this tough stuff and yet I genuinely can not complain. In 2008, I bicycled across America, climbed some mountains, made some new friends and spent some precious quality time with my Dad during his final weeks. Special thanks to all of you who have been part of my life!

All the best,

Photos Above: Me standing on the summit of Mt. Elbert in July 2008.

2008 - My Year in Pictures
Bike Across America Bike Odometer
Left Photo: On a lonely stretch of highway in New Mexico.
Right Photo: The odometer on the new bike at the Atlantic Ocean.

Bike Across America

Bike Across America 2008

It took 45 days, 2,465 miles, two bikes, eleven flat tires and eight states to bicycle across the southern tier of America.

Special thanks to Marcus and Lacey, Jennifer in Oklahoma, Krista, Jae, Monique, Anna, Derrick and one anonymous friend. Each helped in great ways. Read more about them on my Thank You Page.

Some of the major highlights:

  • First Day in San Diego
  • Bike Stolen in Phoenix
  • Longest Ride of Trip (Texas)
  • Mississippi Blues and Flats
  • Riding Into The Atlanic
  • Mt. Princeton -
    Thank You Dad

    A photo of my parents and I in front of Mt. Princeton.

    I also created a modest video tribute to my father. You are welcome to watch it.

    Fantasy Football League

    Fantasy Football Championship

    The awards go to:

    Champion - Glenda (Texas Dirt Storm)
    Manager of the Year - Kent (Mr. Potato Heads)
    Newcomer of the Year - Stephen (Evil Yeti Midgets)

    Fantasy Football

    The 2008 fantasy football season was a great one!

    Glenda (Texas Dirt Storm) was crowned the world champion when she defeated Kent (Mt. Potato Heads) in Week 16. Myself (Garbage Cans) and the Phoenix Slam (Phil) lost in the semifinals.

    As for the Garbage Cans, we started the year strong at 6-0 with the great play of Tony Romo, Marion Barber, Greg Jennings, Plaxico Burress and Matt Forte. The pick-up of running back Steve Slaton greatly helped too.

    Then the Garbage Cans went on a four game skid before winning the remaining four matches to finish at 10-4. Unfortunately, my studs at the beginning of the season cooled off in the latter part. I was no match for the Texas Dirt Storm in the semifinals. (This was the second year in a row I lost in the semifinals!) :(



    New Videos

    You may have noticed a flurry of new video clips since late summer. It's my latest form of expression! :)

    Adjacent are four videos I really like and am proud of. My Piece of Garbage page has many of my older videos, but my YouTube page has all of my newer ones.

    Emma Burr Mountain
    Above: Standing near the summit of Emma Burr Mountain.

    I spent a lot of time in the mountains, of course. Among the noteable ascents, I climed three 14ers and two 13ers:

  • Mt. Elbert
  • La Plata Peak
  • Huron Peak
  • Emma Burr Mountain
  • Mt. Kreutzer
  • Text Message
    Crazy News Articles

    My time and energy to write crazy news articles was diminished this year. But a few seemed to entertain the masses!

  • Text Messages
  • Bike Trip Scam
  • Biscuits Donated
  • Bad Breakast
  • Hot Dog Candle
  • High Pointing
    Click the image above to visit my high point web site or go here: U.S. State High Points.
    High Pointing

    I became quite interested with high pointing! This is the growing worldwide hobby of standing on the high points of towns, counties and states. In 2008, I visited 13 U.S. state high points to bring my total to 14. 14 down, 36 to go! :)

    Some of the better pages:

  • West Virginia High Point
  • Iowa High Point
  • Delaware High Point
  • South Dakota High Point
  • Colorado High Point
  • Laptop
    Book Writing

    In the latter half of the year, I have embarked on the journey of writing a memoir (a book) about my long bike trip. There are so many factors and issues to contend with, but I am confident I will reach my self-imposed deadline of April 1, 2009 to have a final written copy. (Then I'll worry about publishing.)

    Special thanks to Kelley in Georgia for being my matter-of-fact editor and research assistant. Her encouragment throughout this lonely and sometimes painful process has been very valuable.

    Mt. Princeton
    Four Good Guys

    Every year this web site attracts new visitors. This year, there are a few guys around the country that I'd like to single out for being such great people. Their e-mails and interactions over the year have helped more than they probably realize. They are: Bill Hale (SC), Joey Hartsell (TN), Michael Bauer (IN) and Shawn Martin (KS).

    Let's just say these are the type of guys who love pretty much any photo I take of Colorado. I'm sure the adjacent Mt. Princeton photo (taken in Nathrop) will be something they'll appreciate.

    Autumn Pictures Christmas Lights Snow

    Colorado Sunset

    Some of my extra web sites took off in traffic. The autumn, snow and christmas lights sites get a lot of traffic when those items are frequently searched during specific times of the year.

    Also, I spent quite a few evenings photographing the sunset at Cottonwood Pass. The one on June 16 was a decent one.

    1964 Cadillac 1964 Cadillac This summer, I came upon an offer I could not refuse. I sold my '93 Accord and spent that money to buy this beautiful baby blue 1964 Cadillac. She is a dream! :)
    Colorado Webcam Altitude Snob I made a few modest changes to the web site. I turned the web cam toward the view outside my living room window.

    Altitude Snob is a new web site that ranks my friends based on their altitude. :)

    (Click either photo to go to their respective pages.)

    Drama Queen Day Drama Queen Day I made some other changes in 2008. I cancelled most of my annual Colorado Guy holidays, closed the forums for five months (although they are open again!), and did not host a "Colorado Guy Festival."

    As for next year, I will definitely be celebrating Drama Queen Day and hope you will join me in making a strong stand against drama queens and the crap they pull! (Adjacent photos: Candles are traditionally lit around the world to celebrate the holiday.)

    Kiss a Cactus Lastly, on January 2, 2008, I really did start the year right when I kissed this big and thorny cactus! Ouch! :)

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