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The Year 2007 - A Humble Reflection Page

(My Annual Page to Give Thanks, Reflect and Show My Best Pages of the Year - December 31, 2007)

Steve Steve Steve 2007 has ended and this is my annual page to recap the year and give thanks for the many blessings in my life. Without a doubt, I have a lot to be grateful for. I included three happy and goofy pictures of myself to the right to reflect this fact. Yay! :)

If you see anything good, useful or entertaining on this web site, I want God to receive all the credit. I am not ashamed to say I am a Christian and giving my life to Jesus Christ 15 years ago was the greatest thing I have ever done. This calendar year was particularly tough in many, many ways, and I have grown so much. I am hopeful that someday, maybe my experiences will be a blessing to others in some capacity. I definitely live a great life in many respects, but I have found myself prayerfully expecting God to lead me into greater opportunities of service that will make a lasting, eternal difference in the world.

Special thanks must be given to my best friend Ron in Colorado Springs. I can say with sincerity that I am not quite sure where I would be without this man's dedication to my life. Good listeners are hard to come by, and friends who have the depth and willingness to "enter into" one's deepest parts of their being are even harder to come by. Ron, thank you for all your help and brotherhood throughout the year!

Autumn Of course, I want to thank all of you who visit this web site regularly. If you are new to this web site or if you are a regular visitor who is unknown to me, would you do me a favor and introduce yourself on the Newcomers Forum? I thrive on reading your encouraging words!

Below is a recap of some my highlights in 2007. Thank you for being part of my life!

All the best,
Steve :)

Photos Above: TOP RIGHT - Standing on Quandary Peak, dancing to Elana's music in Aspen, eating with friends in Telluride. LEFT - Ron stands amidst Colorado fall foliage.

2007 - My Year in Pictures
Colorado Guy Festival The 2007 Colorado Guy Festival is my annual meeting where forum "regulars" and other friends of mine meet for a weekend gathering. This year's theme was titled No drama, no crap, no nonsense, no weird crushes, no nothing but fun and adventure! We had a great time over Labor Day weekend in Ouray! :)

Here is the main page: 2007 Colorado Guy Festival.

Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument
I escaped a small portion of Buena Vista's long winter with a five week trip to Tucson, Arizona in January. Special thanks to the one and only Joel Smith for putting me up and taking me to some amazing places in the desert. I also adventured in San Diego and southern New Mexico.

You can read my Arizona recap page here: 2007 Arizona Trip.

Mt. Sneffels I hiked six 14ers this year. I plan to do more in 2008!
  • Mt. Yale
  • Quandary Peak
  • Mt. Belford
  • Mt. Sneffels
  • Mt. Antero
  • Mt. Sherman

    (Adjacent photo: Jay enjoys the views atop Mt. Sneffels.)

  • Fantasy Football League Evil Bunnies
    Fantasy Football Playoffs
    The Colorado Guy Fantasy Football League was launched for this year's NFL season. The Evil Bunnies, managed by Chris ("Florida Nuke"), were nearly unstoppable with a 12-1 record in the regular season. They easily beat the Garbage Cans (my team) in the semifinals and trounced the Missourah Mules in the championship.

    Very noteworthy were the number of females who enthusiastically engaged in the season including Vivian ("Malaysian Mousedeers" - who has never watched an NFL game in her life!), Morgan Luver ("Victor Victorias"), Kansas Kelly ("Team Potty Mouth") and Glenda ("Warriors").

    My team, the Garbage Cans, started woefully at 0-2, but I made quite a few roster adjustments including signing non-draftees Ryan Grant, Shaun McDonald, and Brandon Jacobs off waivers. The Garbage Cans finished 9-4 and reached the playoffs. Not too shabby! ;)

    I spent three weeks on the road in early November, with me stopping at various places enroute to New Jersey. I included photos of me in Iowa (top), my friend's farm in Minnesota (middle) and playing mahjong with family (bottom).

    Here are some of pages from the trip:

  • Nebraska
  • Sadness for Iowa
  • Roger Maris Museum (North Dakota)
  • Minnesota Farm
  • Highest Point in New Jersey
  • Sandy Hook, NJ
  • Mahjong and Dunkin' Donuts (New Jersey)
  • Sunsets in Flat States
  • Kansas City Christmas Lights
  • Snow Pictures Christmas Lights
    Sunset Pictures Fall Foliage Photos
    St. Elmo, Colorado Mt. Princeton
    In 2007, I found myself taking pictures of either the same places over and over again or things with the same theme, and so I created new web sites dedicated solely for the topic instead of boring everyone with the same ol' stuff on Colorado Guy. Across are six web sites that generally stay busy, many using the same template! ;)
    Florida Pete Phil The Lurker
    Florida Pete
    Phil The Lurker
    Hair Consultant Electoral College
    The 2007 Hair Consultant election!
    Florida Pete and Phil The Lurker ran against each other in the annual election, with Pete winning the popular and electoral vote in a landslide victory.

    Unfortunately, the campaigning turned negative early on and numerous attack ads were placed against the candidates. Adjacent are two examples.

    You can read all about the election here: Pete Defeats Phil and Election News Links

    Drama Queen Day
    Drama Queen Day
    Web site holidays - Drama Queen Day, celebrated in late January, continues to be a major and widely celebrated holiday. This year, more people than ever participated in candlelight vigils throughout the world (adjacent photos) to make a strong stand against drama queens and their ways. View the 2007 page here: Drama Queen Day 2007.

    There are other holidays, but they just don't compare to the excitement of Drama Queen Day. They are Grateful Not To Live In New Jersey Day (June), First 105 Degree Day in Tucson (usually June) and Against the Metric System (August). Hair Consultant Appreciation Day was phased out this year.

    Cottonwood Pass Tie Dye Shirt
    Snow Video
    74 snowstorms!
    Beginning in September 2006 and finishing on the last day of August 2007, I counted the number of days of snowfall in Colorado's mountains, and the number tallied up to 74 snowstorms!

    The top two photos are snow pictures from snowfall that happened near Cottonwood Pass on May 29, 2007. The video clip records snowfall #73 at Cottonwood Pass in June.

    As the number of snowstorms reached the 60's, eclipsing Roger Maris' mark of 61 and heading towards Barry Bonds' record of 73, controversy brewed as non-Coloradoans and ignorant people on Colorado's Front Range questioned the validity of all the snowfall. Um, I can assure you that it can snow any day for ten months of the year in the Sawatch Mountains excluding July and August! If you lived here, you would know that! ;)

    Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument Century Bike Ride
    Mineral Basin Alpine Tunnel
    Meaningful Pictorials

    Looking back, I created many picture collections that I am very proud of. Below are four particularly meaningful pictorials with good friends of mine whom I depended on in some fashion for the adventure to happen.

  • Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument (Joel)
  • Colorado Century Ride To Sand Dunes (Derrick & Anna)
  • 4-Wheel Drive To Mineral Basin (Shannon)
  • Alpine Tunnel (Jen)
  • Kiss A Cactus Red Vines Funny Articles

    I did come up with some decent news articles in 2007. :)

  • Neighborhood Wi-fi
  • Farmer's Tan
  • Red Vines (Right Photo)
  • Iowa
  • White Christmas
  • Nasty Cactus Kiss (Left Photo)
  • Foofy Drink
  • Nebraska Video
    It's What Makes Me Me
    I did not make many video clips, but I came up with a few decent ones. The two adjacent ones titled "Nebraska" and "It's What Makes Me Me" seemed to be really popular! :)
    No pictures :) I entered into the 21st century with some modest upgrades in technology. I actually bought a cellular phone for the first time in my life in September! I also purchased a new vehicle and my older brother bought me a small .mp3 player. (Now I just need to figure out how to download .mp3's onto it!) This is all big news for a person who never had any luck burning a CD in his entire life! ;)
    Colorado Sunset As I have done in past year-end pages, I'll end this picture collection with a picture dedicated to my God. I chose this blazing orange sunset photo taken at Cottonwood Pass on June 27.

    Other recent years: 2006, 2005, 2004

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