1978 Datsun Flatbed Truck

1978 Datsun Truck 1978 Datsun Truck My friend loaned me his amazing 1978 Datsun Flatbed Truck.

Just look at this beautiful truck!

1978 Datsun Truck I drove all over and snapped photos of it at the Chaffee County Rodeo Grounds outside of Buena Vista.
Datsun Flatbed Truck Wow! Now that flatbed is the original that came with the truck when it rolled off the Datsun dealership over 30 years ago!
Datsun Truck Grill I love the front grill.
Datsun Flatbed Truck Datsun Flatbed Truck Two photos of the flatbed.
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  • Datsun Truck Interior The interior. (It doesn't look like the original.)
    Datsun Truck Dashboard Datsun Truck Dashboard The dashboard. I love it! :)
    Datsun Truck In Colorado Mount Princeton in the background.

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