1977 Chevrolet Truck

Photos of a Rusted and Old "Beater" Chevrolet Custom Deluxe! - April 30, 2006

1977 Chevy Truck I was working for a home builder in Canon City, Colorado and came across this old and rusted 1977 Chevy Truck!
1977 Chevy Truck Look at the beat-up old grill on this thing. I love old trucks. This truck rocks the house!
1977 Chevrolet Truck Now this truck is officially a Chevy Custom Deluxe, and it's got an interesting back end area.
Tire Even the tire has a junker old tire look to it. Neat!
Dashboard I love this dashboard.
1977 Chevy Truck The seat inside is ripped up, with part of the foam showing.
1977 Chevrolet Truck By the way, I guy named Mike in Salida, Colorado owns this truck. If you see this truck, tell him that he needs to sell this truck me! :)

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