1973 Ford Econoline E100 Van

An Old 1970s Van With An Amazing and Livable Interior - Photos and Video

You ain't seen nothing until you've seen this van ...
I'll admit that most of the time, I'd walk right past an old 1970s van without giving it a second look. However, after talking to the owner and peeking inside this 1973 Econoline E100 Van, this vehicle won my heart.

1973 Ford Econoline Van
This yellow van had my attention for a long time at the 2012 Mountain Mania car show in Buena Vista.

1973 Ford Econoline Van

Front Grill

The front of the van.
Maryann Her name is Maryann. :)
1973 Ford Econoline Van

1973 Ford Econoline Van

The rear and driver side. The owner admitted he'd done some custom work to it, but keep scrolling down.
1973 Ford Econoline Van The passenger side of the van ...



... Look at what's inside the van!

Plush seating. A table. Beautiful wall decorations. Pillows. A small wooden cabinet. Wow!

He also pointed out that the furniture in the back can easily be converted into a bed.

I thought about how I'd love to bike across America a third time. If I did, how wonderful would it be to have this van following me as my support vehicle! I can dream, can't I? :)

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This van inspires me. Your dreams can come true!

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