1972 Plymouth Duster

Three Owners, Only 32K Miles, Nearly Everything In Excellent and Original Condition

The Winner of the 2012 Angel of Shavano Car Show
Among the many old cars at the annual car show in Salida, Colorado, this 1972 Plymouth Duster was the best. Everything is original! Garaged for its entire life, this Mopar classic has only 32,660 miles. Dave Janik, the third owner, bought it in 2003 and has worked hard with every car care and preservation detail, so it presents itself as if it were new. He hasn't done any customized nonsense to this beautiful car.

On this page are my photos and a video of this golden 1972 Plymouth Duster.

1972 Plymouth Duster
Standing back, one might think this car has received a new paint job, but what you see is the original paint!

1972 Plymouth Duster


This '72 Plymouth Duster has sentimental value for me. One of my earliest memories of cars was my mother driving my two brothers and I in a blue 1971 Plymouth Duster coupe. The interior was black. I'm pretty sure the 1971 Duster model was nearly the same as the 1972 model, with the exception of changes to the tail lights.
1972 Plymouth Duster Rear

1972 Plymouth Duster

Maybe the Plymouth Duster models from 1971 to 1976 weren't as popular as GM or Ford models of the era, but they had a following.

It has an attractive and sporty appearance ...

Plymouth Duster Twister Logo ... and no doubt, the Plymouth Duster had character all of its own. The Duster logo had to be one of the most creative and genius things. I love that twister guy! :)

Steering Wheel & Dashboard


These three photos of the interior make it look more yellow-green, but it was gold to the naked eye.

Dave is meticulous at keeping everything clean on the inside and outside. It looks like it could be sitting brand new in a Plymouth dealership.

The third photo shows the odometer marked at 32,660 miles. That's it!

Interior The front seats. Original interior in very good condition.
Plymouth Duster Floor Mat Duster floor mats.
Wheel The original wheels shined well.
Dave Janik Dave, an exemplary classic car owner, beside his car. What a great Duster!


My walk around the car.

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