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1964 Cadillac

Photos of Kent's 1964 Cadillac Sedan (62 Series) In Chaffee County, CO - June 4, 2008

1964 Cadillac
1964 Cadillac
1964 Cadillac
Headlight Front Grill
Front Hood
I have been coveting Kent's 1964 Cadillac Sedan for the past year or so, and today I convinced him to take me for a ride in it. It turned into a "photo-op" for the vehicle, as you can see!

The second photo might be the very best one, with Midland Hill and the town of Buena Vista in the background.

Front of Car

The hood on this car is huge. Lots of different angles and creative photos here, including myself with my camera sitting on the road.

This is a very strong and solid car - like the way cars used to be. I would hate to be a deer getting hit by this thing!

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  • 1964 Cadillac Sedan
    The Middle Portion

    The sedan with the windows down. There is a rubber paneling that closes the gap between the back and front wind on this model. On the left side of this vehicle, the rubber is gone and needs to be replaced.

    Windshield Cracked Windshield The windshield is cracked. Notice the rounded windshield style - It takes someone who really knows what they are doing to replace a windshield of this kind.

    1964 Cadillac
    The Back End

    Ahhhhh ... you gotta love the back of most classic Cadillac with the back fins.

    Left Tail Light Right Tail Light A closer look at the tail lights inside the fins.
    1964 Cadillac The only main body damage is on the back right. One of Kent's kids, when they were really young, put the car in neutral and the car rolled hard into a rock. The back was all smashed up, but Kent did a really great job of straightening out the shape as best as he could. All in all, it does not look that terrible.
    The trunk is huge!

    That is the one and only Steven Naegele sitting inside the trunk - He is one of Buena Vista's troubled youth in the area. By the way, Kent, Stephen and myself went mountain biking over the weekend and had a great time! :)

    Jacking Instructions The car has the old jack style.

    Front Seat Front Seat
    Inside The Vehicle
    The front seats (adjacent photos). The upholstery is worn out and the foam is brittle. If one sits on it without any blanket, your pants will be covered in small yellow specks of dried-out foam.
    Back Seat Back Seat The back seats.
    Speedometer The speedometer.
    Belt Buckle The belt buckle. Seat belts (waist only) are only for the driver and passenger with none in the back seat.
    Dashboard and Steering Wheel
    The dashboard, steering wheel and horn.
    Ignition The ignition is old style!
    Inside Door The inside of the driver side door. The electric windows on the driver and passenger sides currently do not work with the buttons. One needs to take a metal wire and stick it in there for them to work.

    429 Engine Engine

    Under the hood is a 429 engine. Not bad! It runs great!

    Inside Hood The latch inside the edge of the hood.
    Front Tire Front left tire.
    Back Tire Back left tire.

    Ahhhhh ... the days of back wheel covers.

    Doll's Liberal KS The metal advertisement for Doll's in Liberal, Kansas is still on there. This car was largely owned by a cattleman in Oklahoma for many years. It only has ~110,000 miles on it.

    Mt. Princeton
    Driving Around Town

    A few shots as we drove around town. That mountain out there is Mt. Princeton - I have a web site dedicated to various photos of the mountain throughout the days and seasons: www.MtPrinceton.org.

    1964 Cadillac Hood This dirt road with washboards is known to be fairly rough, and my Hondas do fine although they vibrate quite a bit. Ha! In this large and heavy Cadillac, the ride was very smooth!
    Maxwell Park Schoolhouse We drove and parked on Chaffee County Road 326 past the historic Maxwell Park Schoolhouse. I have spent a few evenings photographing the sunset from the general area that we parked the car.
    Chaffee County Road 339 Ahhhhhh ... a beautiful view with the tallest peaks with snow being the Buffalo Peaks.
    Kent Kent driving on East Main Street in Buena Vista.
    1964 Cadillac For whatever reason, Kent insisted that we get ice cream afterwards. I guess there might be some nostalgia about going to a drive-in or getting some ice cream at a 1950's diner (Punky's Restaurant) in a car like this! ;)