1963 Ford Falcon Station Wagon

Attractive Metallic Tan 2-Door Station Wagon With Beautiful Interior

Nothing beats an old station wagon ... Nothing!
This sharp 1963 Ford Falcon two-door station wagon was the only wagon in the 2012 annual car show in Buena Vista.

1963 Ford Falcon Station Wagon
A shiny tan station wagon with original wheel covers.


1963 Ford Falcon Station Wagon

The front side.
1963 Ford Falcon Station Wagon

Front Panel

In 1963, Ford made so many different variations to the Ford Falcon. They made a four-door station wagon and this two-door version. The owner told me the two-door station wagon model didn't sell well and are quite rare.

1963 Ford Falcon Station Wagon


1963 Ford Falcon Station Wagon

So beautiful.
The driver side.
Steering Wheel Original steering wheel and dashboard controls.


As if this station wagon wasn't impressive enough, the owner installed new upholstery that was the original for this vehicle.

Note the fun and creative steer design. You just don't see this kind of effort and pride put into today's cars.

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Nothing beats old classic station wagons!

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