1961 Ford Econoline Truck

719,360 Total Miles, An Everyday Work Truck For 40+ Years

This ain't no ordinary truck ...
There are two things that I love about the Ford Econoline van and truck of the 1960s. Firstly, the headlights in front look sooooo 1960s; they look like the eyes of a bee or hornet. Also, the pick-up truck version has a funny appearance with a big bulky head and the back chopped off.

At the 2012 Angel of Shavano Car Show in Salida, I had the nicest conversation with Ken, the owner, who told me many stories and details about this truck. I share some of them in the comment section of the photo gallery.

1961 Ford Econoline Truck
The owner boasts it has gone 719,360+ miles in its lifetime. Impressive!

Photos by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest

1961 Ford Econoline Truck


The front of the truck.
1961 Ford Econoline Truck The front and passenger side.

Head Light Unique styling for the head lights.
1961 Ford Econoline Truck

1961 Ford Econoline Truck

The rear. Great for hauling.

Ken told me that he bought the truck used with 65K miles in 1965. Then he drove it as an everyday work truck from 1965 to 2002. His job required a lot of driving, including shipping items that drew him to Denver, eastern Colorado, Wyoming and western Nebraska on an average work day.

A skilled auto mechanic, Ken would constantly tweak and work on his truck. Hence, it's longevity. Since 2002, Ken has retired the vehicle from the rigors of everyday driving, but he takes it into town once or twice a month.

1961 Ford Econoline Pick Up Ken informed me the front end was replaced with ... a front end of a 1963 Ford Econoline.

He said he once hit a deer that caused great damage in front. He replaced it with a front end from a 1963 econonline, which was exactly the same as the 1961 model. He also said the front bumper had been damaged from previous jobs tasks, including him using his truck to push things at one of his workplaces.

Anyway, everything is "original" on this truck, even the facelift it got.

Door The truck's original color was sea foam green - a bright mint green that was popular in the 1950s and 1960s.

It was painted gray once.

Steering Wheel The original steering wheel and dashboard.
Engine The engine between the seats. He installed an engine from a Ford Maverick in the 1970s to give it more power.

Ken also shared stories about him transporting his wife and three young children in this truck in the late 1960s. They'd put folding chairs behind the seats for the older kids and placed a cushioned box above the engine for their youngest. Wow! :)


My walk around this amazing truck.

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