1960 Chevrolet Truck

Photos and Video of Stephen's Pickup Truck In Buena Vista, Colorado - October 18, 2008

1960 Chevrolet Truck 1960 Chevrolet Truck

1960 Chevrolet Truck 1960 Chevrolet Truck

Stephen, a teenager in Buena Vista, obtained his first vehicle. And what a vehicle it is! Check out this 1960 Chevy Truck!

I asked Stephen to take me for a ride and we parked in an open area so I could take all sorts of pictures of it. Mt. Princeton is in the background of the top left photo.

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  • 1960 Chevrolet Truck 1960 Chevrolet Truck The back end and left side.
    Steering Wheel 1960 Chevrolet Truck< The steering wheel and dashboard are very attractive.
    Controls Dashboard Two close ups of the radio and other controls.
    Passenger Door The passenger side door.
    Engine The engine was a little dirty. Ha!

    Stephen, good luck with your very first vehicle. That is a beautiful truck!


    A video of us driving and admiring the truck.

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