1960 Rambler American

An old car that screams fun ...
This 1960 Rambler American sits in the car collection at Allen Unique Autos in Grand Junction. Doesn't that car look like it'd be a barrel full of fun? It's bright red. It's the vehicle for the fire chief. And it's a Rambler no less! :)

1960 American Rambler
They don't have amazing bright red cars for fire chiefs these days, do they?

Photos and video by Steve Garufi in Fruita, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

1960 American Rambler

1960 American Rambler Headlight


Two photos of the front of the car.

1960 American Rambler The driver side.
1960 American Rambler The rear and spare tire.
1960 American Rambler My goodness, what a bright red! :)

Maybe I should pin a photo of this Rambler on my Pinterest board dedicated to this color: www.pinterest.com/stevegarufi/bright-red.

A title and registration form from 1974.
Fire Chief Car Fire Chief!
Wheel Cover They look like toy wheel covers, don't they? :)


A fun car and a great addition to this auto museum.

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