1959 Ford Edsel

I am in love with Ford Edsels ...
I've read all about the failures of the Ford Edsel, but who cares? Cars from the late 1950s are the prettiest vehicles in human history, and the Edsel models are endearing. At J&R Vintage Autos in Bernalillo, New Mexico, a beautiful two-tone white and turquoise 1959 Ford Edsel convertible sits in their car collection. On this page are my photos. Also, there is a walk around video at the bottom. Enjoy!

1959 Ford Edsel
I've come to love the notorious "ugly nose" of the Edsel. Such a gorgeous car! :)

Photos and video by Steve Garufi in Albuquerque, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

1959 Ford Edsel


The front end of the 1959 Ford Edsel.
1959 Ford Edsel

1959 Ford Edsel

Two photos of the passenger side of the car.

The smooth turqouise line on the body is sublime. :)

Interior and Dashboard The interior and dashboard. This had an automatic transmission.
1959 Ford Edsel Rear The rear, back bumper and tail lights.
Ford Edsel Ornament One of two Ford Edsel ornaments in front.
1959 Ford Edsel Wheel Cover Stylish wheel covers.
1959 Ford Edsel The Edsel was a loooooong car. I love it!

Here's another shot of the rear quarter panel.

1959 Ford Edsel A short explanation about the history of the Edsel.
New Mexico License Plate

Auto Museum

In New Mexico, we have to not only remind people that we're in the "USA" -- but also that some of our older cars are horseless carriages! :p)


Five minutes, walking around.

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