1953 Cadillac Fleetwood

Photos and Video of Mike's Green '53 Cadillac Sedan In Buena Vista, CO - April 26, 2009

1953 Cadillac

1953 Cadillac Fleetwood

1953 Cadillac 1953 Cadillac

1953 Cadillac Fleetwood

This morning Kent, Stephen and myself visited Mike, a local in the community who owns a beautiful dark green 1953 Cadillac! Look at this beautiful vehicle!

I snapped so many pictures and created a video. Adjacent are photos of the front of the car.

Notice the large "bullets" coming out of the grill. What a car!

1953 Cadillac Fleetwood

1953 Cadillac Fleetwood

Two photos from the right side of the car.
1953 Cadillac

1953 Cadillac 1953 Cadillac Gas Nozzle

The rear of the car. Notice the "bullets" on the rear bumper. And do you know where the gas nozzle is on a '53 Cadillac? Lift the left tail light up! Pretty interesting!
1953 Cadillac Bumper 1953 Cadillac Bumper Two closer pictures of the rear bumper.
1953 Cadillac

1953 Cadillac

Such a beautiful car. I am indeed a proud 1964 Cadillac owner, but it was hard not to be completely overwhelmed with "lust" over this classic car. :)
1953 Cadillac Hubcap

1953 Cadillac

The hubcaps.

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  • 1953 Cadillac Engine Mike lifted the hood to show the engine. He said practically everything was original. There are only 73,000 original miles on this car!
    1953 Cadillac Emblem

    1953 Cadillac Hood 1953 Cadillac Hood Ornament

    The Cadillac emblem is gold-plated. I was told the gold was used to commemorate Cadillac's 50th anniversary. And check out that snazzy hood ornament above. It's a woman in flight! So nice!
    1953 Cadillac Fleetwood One photo of the three us with the Cadillac. :)

    Inside The Car

    The dashboard and interior is quite elegant.

    1953 Cadillac Interior 1953 Cadillac Dashboard
    The speedometer's style fits the era. Speedometer
    I like the different shade of green that surrounds the radio and clock.
    Two photos of the front seat. So beautiful! 1953 Cadillac Interior 1953 Cadillac Interior
    The inside of the back right door. 1953 Cadillac Door
    The rear seat and arm rest. Back Seat
    I like the emblem on the back on the front seat. 1953 Cadillac Interior 1953 Cadillac Interior
    Inside of the door.
    One photo of Stephen and Kent as we rode along. Folks, imagine how adventurous it would be to drive take this car for a long drive to somewhere like California or Florida. It's such an attractive car! :) Stephen and Kent
    As we drove, I captured a shot of Mt. Princeton.
    Special thanks for Mike for taking us for a ride. Mike

    Video Clip - 1953 Cadillac Fleetwood

    Not a normal "walk around" video. My creativity and amateurism shows. :)

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