1939 LaSalle

A Classy 1930s LaSalle, Made by Cadillac
July 20, 2013 - At the car show hosted by Hellman Motor Company in Delta, Colorado, there were zero Cadillacs, but there was this 1939 LaSalle. As you might know, LaSalle was a brand made by Cadillac from 1927-1940 and was considered a "step down." They were still considered quality cars from the era.

1939 LaSalle
An unusual dark brown color. Not sure if that was the original shade for this car.

Photos by Steve Garufi in Fruita, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

1939 LaSalle


What a beautiful design of the front. Love the chrome grills. The headlights look sharp!
1939 LaSalle Another photo of the front.
1939 LaSalle The passenger side.
1939 LaSalle The rear.
Wheel Cover Original hubcaps with the Cadillac insignia.
Steering Wheel Original steering wheel and dashboard.

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