1933 Chrysler Imperial Sedan

A massive luxury car for any era ...
March 2013 - In the showroom at Allen Unique Autos, this maroon 4-door 1933 Chrysler Imperial won my heart. The most striking feature was how long the car is -- it's even long for today's auto standards. My oh my, enjoy my photos of this luscious beauty! I promise to take more photos of this 1933 Chrysler; consider this page a work in progress.

1933 Chrysler Imperial
Oh to take this classic car for a drive on a Saturday night! :)

1933 Chrysler Imperial
The front side, bumper and head lights. At first glance, it has similar features to the 1930 Deusenberg at the Gateway Auto Museum.

1933 Chrysler Hood Ornament
Arguably one of the greatest hood ornaments in the history of automotive industry.

Information about the car.

Photos and commentary by Steve Garufi in Fruita, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube


A black coupe sold at an auction.
(I hope to make a good walk-around video of the maroon sedan soon.)

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