1912 Buick Roadster Model 28

A luxury car in 1912, and still a wonder 100 years later ...
February 2014 - This 1912 Buick is the first classic car on the right when one enters the show room of J&R Vintage Autos in Albuquerque. Just look at this vehicle! This ranks up there in beauty and class with the 1906 Cadillac in Gateway, CO and 1924 Buick in Salida, CO. On this page are my photos with a video at the bottom.

1912 Buick
A sharp red color. Gorgeous headlights. Every restored.

1912 Buick Front
A photo of the front grill. Beautiful plated enscription of Buick.

The driver side and interior of this 1912 Buick Roadster.

1912 Buick Gentleman's Roadster
Note that the steering wheel was on the passenger side. :)

The original price was in the range of $1025. This was a high-end luxury car.

1912 Buick
One final photo of this beautiful car. My other Buick photos: Buicks on Classic Old Cars.

Photos and commentary by Steve Garufi. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube


Showing you as much of the car without me crossing the railing.

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