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Under a Triumphant Sky
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Cottonwood Pass

Little Wild Horse Canyon, UT

Little Wild Horse Canyon

Dunkin Donuts

News Stories

Adopt A Highway Scandal
In a press conference, Steve tearfully admitted that the true motive for launching the Colorado Adopt a Highway litter control program was the "score points" with attractive females in Manitou Springs ... Read More

Antique Mineral Water Tastes Nasty
Steve attempt to drink from a antique bottle of mineral water turned ugly when he spit it up all over on Jen's kitchen floor. The water was not fit to drink ... Read More

Girl Strangles Steve on Couch
A fight on the couch erupted when Lisa got fed up with Steve's constant picture taking. The blonde jumped on Steve and began to strangle him. It was funny at first, but then it got out of hand ... Read More

U.F.O. Sighting in Manitou Springs
An eyewitness to eerie images in the sky, Steve "Colorado Guy" Garufi saw what appeared to be three seperate UFOs hovering above Manitou Springs last night ... Read More

Steve's Farmer's Tan
After a 100+ mile bike ride in the Colorado sun, Steve displayed his impressive "farmer's tan" to friends throughout town. At a coffee shop, people were amazed ... Read More

Extreme Ironing on Pikes Peak
British filmmaker and humorist Nick Hughes engaged in the rapidly growing sport of extreme ironing on the summit of Pikes Peak. This is a great feat at such a high elevation ... Read More

Shirt In Wardrobe For 17 Years
The Ralph Lauren shirt in Steve "Colorado Guy" Garufi's wardrobe celebrated its 17th birthday yesterday with a jubilation that had shouts of joy and warm hugs among friends. People were amazed ... Read More

Steve Kicks Girl's Ass In Scrabble
It was an ass-kicking. A blowout of epic proportions. It was a downright embarrassing beatdown. Steve "Colorado Guy" Garufi destroyed friend Jae in Scrabble by the score of 495 to 236 ... Read More

House Guest Loves The Green Couch
Recent houseguest loves sleeping on Steve's green couch in the living room. "That couch fits my body perfectly, and it's soft but not too soft and firm but still comfortable." ... Read More

High Score on Ms. Pac Man
Steve shattered the high score at a Ms. Pac Man machine when he obtained his all-time personal high score of 150,080 points. He dominated the game for 13 levels as he gobbled up dots (big and small), pesky ghosts and "thumping fruit" ... Read More

Latte Spilled All Over Floor

Two Root Beer Floats For Breakfast
It started out innocent when Steve dared to have two root beer floats for breakfast, but an hour later, there was a horrific scene in the kitchen with Steve vomiting all over the place. It was awful ... Read More

Steve Caught Using Neighbor's Wifi
Steve "Colorado Guy" Garufi was caught red-handed using the wireless Internet connection in front of a Buena Vista household this week ... Read More

Rednecks Pay Homage To Steve
Dave and Janel, Steve's redneck friends in Buena Vista who absolutely love this website, gave him a tribute when they etched "SG" in the concrete foundation of their home. "Y'all need tah know that we loooooove visiting ... Read More

(Mostly the newest stuff, but not always.)

Biking Across America Was Not Too Shabby

It took me 53 days to bike from San Diego, California to Canaveral National Seashore, Florida. Above is my "not too shabby" compilation. You can learn more on my trip headquarters website: www.bicycletrip.net.

Root Beer Floats For Breakfast

Root Beer Floats

MANITOU SPRINGS, COLORADO - At first, it was all fun and games when Steve had two root beer floats for breakfast, but things got ugly when Steve got sick and vomited in the kitchen sink! :(

NW Texas Corner

NW Texas Corner Marker

NEAR CLAYTON, NEW MEXICO - Today I drove to far northwest Texas. Then drove back home. Did you know the corner is just a few feet from the pavement on U.S. Highway 412?

Cycling Raton Pass

Cycling Raton Pass

TRINIDAD, CO - Riding your bike up Raton Pass from either Trinidad or Raton, NM is a good option for those seeking a challenging climb.

Fishers Peak (Trinidad, CO)

Fishers Peak, CO

TRINIDAD, CO - I went with a local hiking group up Fishers Peak, the tall flat-topped mountain in Trinidad.

Wheeler Peak, NM 13,161'

Wheeler Peak, NM

TAOS SKI VALLEY, NM - I hiked to the New Mexico High Point! Wheeler Peak sits at 13,161 feet in the Sangre de Cristo Range in Northern New Mexico.

Williams Lake 11,041'

Williams Lake, NM

TAOS SKI VALLEY, NM - A popular two-mile hike leads to Williams Lake near Taos Ski Village in the Sangre de Cristo Range.

Almagre Mountain 12,367'

Almagre Mountain, CO

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO - My friend Ethan and I hiked Almagre Mountain, a mountain that doesn't get much love compared it its neighbor, Pikes Peak.

Kiss a Cactus

Yes, it hurt. :-(

Greenhorn Mountain 12,352'

Greenhorn Mountain, CO

RYE, CO - Greenhorn Mountain is the highest point in Pueblo County and the Wet Mountain Range. Enjoy my photos of my hike, which is on the easier side if you drive all the way to the base.

Trinchera Peak 13,517'

Trinchera Peak, Colorado

NEAR CUCHARA, CO - Thomas Lunt and I hiked Trinchera Peak, an excellent 13er hiking choice in the Sangre de Cristo Range.

Highway of Legends

Colorado Wildflowers

CUCHARA, CO - The wildflowers were teeming at Cuchara Pass. My photos were from a day-long excursion on the Highway of Legends, a scenic route through the mountain towns of Stonewall, Cuchara and La Veta.

West Spanish Peak

West Spanish Peak, CO

NEAR CUCHARA, CO - John and I climbed West Spanish Peak, a pretty amazing 13er in southeast Colorado.

Treasure Falls

Treasure Falls, CO

PAGOSA SPRINGS, CO - A short hike to Treasure Falls is definitely worth your time if you love Colorado waterfalls.

Early Texts Annoy Friends

Angry Text

WEST CALDWELL, NJ - Steve is causing quite a stir among his west coast friends by sending super eary text messages in the morning.

Driving in Nebraska

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